November 29

530a-chick saus, beets, egg white omelet, slice GF toast w/ T apple butter, 2c reg, Met, CLA, calcium, fish oil, multi
645a-2c green tea
8a-2c decaf
11a-12oz (!) tuna, 2T mustard, 2 sl GF bread, small apple, CLA, calcium, fish oil, multi
245p-bag apple chips, trail mix bar, CLA, calcium, fish oil, multi
7p-2c Yogi bedtime tea
8p-Met, reds, yeast, guar gum, CLA, calcium, fish oil, multi, Carnosine, ACL
9p-NC, 5HTP

Totals: 1553 cal, 27g fat (10 sat), 180g carbs (31 fiber), 139g protein

Back to serious dieting!

This week's goal is to average 1650 calories, even while celebrating my 10-year [dating] anniversary on Thursday by going out to supper Saturday AND having a birthday meal with my long lost pal Amy.

This can will accomplished with the following plan:
-Tue 1450 cal
-Wed 1450 cal
-Thu 1850 cal
-Fri 250 cal (fast day)
-Sat 2650 cal
-Sun 2250 cal
-Mon 1450 cal
=1621 calorie average.

Love me the flexibility provided by a fast day! Sat & Sun have a ton of calories available, so I can eat out without being super strict, and fuel a powerlifting workout and a nice long run as well.

But as you can see, I already exceeded Tuesday's calories by 100, and I'm planning to do the same today - because I'm running on two nights of too-little sleep. And that makes the projected average 1654 - right on target!

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