November 24

6a-fr egg, chick saus, 2 sl bread, 6 GF donut holes, half pumpkin custard, 4oz Paleonola, 2c reg, Met, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC, Tyrosine
9a(PWO)-4c reg, oz SF syrup, 12 Jamie Eason cookies
1p-20oz SoBe LifeWater, 5oz deep-fried turkey, baked potato, T brown gravy, .5c sweet corn, 3T cranberries, 3.25oz jerky
3p-20oz SoBe
4p-10 baby carrots, .5c cauliflower, 8 dill pickles
6p-Met, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC
7p-3oz turkey, 3oz ham, romaine w/ carrots, celery
8p-1/4 pumpkin pie, Met, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC, Carnosine
Totals: 3198 cal, 133g fat (37 sat), 321g carbs (51 fiber), 197g protein

Yes, I wrote everything down, but I was not moderating - I ate whatever the fuck I wanted to eat. Happy THANKSBIRTHDAY to me!

I wasn't expecting it to be this much, but in addition to my [planned] giant holiday meals, I also overate at breakfast. Pre-race nerves, I guess. But perhaps that was the secret to being the overall female winner in the Turkey Day 5k!

On my way home from the race, I literally started crying. I won a 5k, on my birthday.

Felt so lucky since I didn’t really train, so grateful that the “right” competition showed up, and I guess I just plain still have gaps of reconciling who I am versus who I used to be. Funny how many people were very moderated in congratulating me, or didn't seem fazed that I won. Meanwhile, me, my husband, my parents - all over-the-moon impressed. Because they know where I came from and see how massive this is for me to achieve!

Fun anecdote: lunch was at my brother's, where dessert was pumpkin pie that I couldn't eat. Instead, my brother gave me a bag of teriyaki beef jerky. That fucking ruled.

I don't think anything could have made this birthday better!

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