November 22

5a-2 fr eggs, 2s chick saus, 2c reg, Met, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC, Tyrosine
6a-2c decaf, stevia; 8a-2c decaf; 9a-2c reg, stevia
10a-3oz bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, c cooked cabbage, 2c decaf, stevia
11a-5 GF chocolate donut holes, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC
430p-cinnamon apple spice decaf tea (pure deliciousness - thanks, Joy!!)
6p-salad, chicken soup, cinnamon apple spice decaf tea, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC, Carnosine, Met, greens, yeast, guar gum, pint Arctic Zero
7p-s Sunbutter, T apple butter, 2 sl GF bread, 2c decaf
830p-NC, 5HTP

Totals: 1906 cal, 73g fat,(19 sat), 147g carbs (40 fiber), 163g protein

Meetings from 2-430 meant I couldn’t get my 3rd meal, so I just skipped it, and FELT FINE. Then I overate at supper in order to get my calories back up to plan. Normally I'd have taken a bonus low day, but I want maximum recovery after today's training so that I'm ready to kick ass in my birthday 5k!

Habit: tea intake has been consistent and easy. And today my tea queen buddy Joy inter-officed me a bundle of teas so I'm all set to find some tasty brews!

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