November 19

5a-egg whites & beets, chick saus, small apple, 2T caramel dip, 2c reg, Met, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC, Tyrosine
630a-2c decaf, stevia
10a-bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, sm apple, bag apple chips, 2c reg, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC
330p-Bayou Bourbon meatloaf, squash pancakes, SF syrup, c carrots, 4T hummus, 2c decaf, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC
730p-salad, 4oz pork chop, c sweet potatoes, c apples, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC, Carnosine, Met, yeast, reds, guar gum, c Arctic Zero, 2c mulled spices
10p-NC, 5HTP

Totals: 2411 cal, 62g fat (25 sat), 298g carbs (59 fiber), 160g protein

A high day just as planned. Got a great lifting session in so all those calories ought to go straight to muscle, yeah? And if not, at least my brain is happy!

Now, it seems crazy to me that it was this high, because it's not like I loaded up on carbs & crap. But here's the high-calorie sources:
  • 5oz meatloaf = 444 cal
  • 4oz pork chop = 226 cal
If I'd had fish or poultry, I'd be looking at ~125 calories. So those are the best choices for low days - which is why I have 12oz of tilapia & 6 stuffed clams for next week!

Habit: 2c tea today!

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