November 17

5a-4 sl French toast, stevia, cinnamon extract, SF syrup, sm apple, 2c reg, Met, fish oil, multi, calcium, CLA, ALC
6a-2c pumpkin spice tea
7a-2c decaf
10a-5oz tuna, 2T mustard, sesame crackers, CLA, fish oil, multi, calcium, ALC, 2c YerbaMate
4p-3oz bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, 2s roasted veg, CLA, krill oil, multi, calcium, ALC, 2c decaf chai tea, stevia
7p-3oz bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, pint Arctic Zero, Met, reds, yeast, CLA, calcium, ALC, Carnosine, fish oil, multi

Totals: 1863 cal, 40g fat (14 sat), 218g carbs (48 fiber), 150g protein

Right on plan, right on target, and very easy to stick with, being a high day. I nearly skipped my 4pm meal since I felt so good, but did not want to take any risks that might up my chances of crashing. I even felt pretty stuffed at supper, no deprivation feelings whatsoever.

Habit: 6 cups tea. Easy peasy!

Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin: on sale at Pete's, 3 for $4, and delicious. Go stock up!

Pumpkin Spice Arctic Zero: fucking phenomenal. So glad I bought all 5 pints that Pete's had stocked...sorry for being so greedy!!

I was awake at 330am again both Wednesday Thursday, so yesterday I decided to head home after training, take a nap, then jump online and finish working. GENIUS. The nap was much-needed and definitely helped. It can be hard to admit that I just can't get by on less than 8 hours of sleep, but what the fuck is the point of acting tough and suffering? And when it later leads almost directly to a binge, which thwarts my goals and beats down my brain, it's clear that sleep has to be a priority for me.

Know your weaknesses, learn from them, and strategize to compensate.

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