November 16

445a-roasted veg, chick saus, sl toast, T Sunbutter, 2c reg, stevia, Met, fish oil, multi, CLA, calcium, ALC
6a-sm apple, c decaf chai
8a-2c decaf, stevia
10a-SF Americano, salad, hb egg, med apple, rice cake, T Sunbutter, CLA, krill oil, multi, calcium, ALC
12p-2c decaf green tea
2p-2c decaf, stevia
330p-5oz tuna, 2T mustard, sesame crackers, sm apple, CLA, calcium, ALC
7p-Met, greens, yeast, CLA, calcium, ALC, Carnosine, fish oil, multi
9p-5HTP, Tyrosine, 4 FiberSmart

TOTALS: 1415 cal, 42g fat (12 sat), 167g carbs (35 fiber), 90g protein

3 decent, filling meals, no supper. And I felt perfectly fine, not remotely deprived!


New habit: I had THREE cups of tea yesterday! And used that as an excuse to buy pumpkin spice tea last night. I love pumpkin-flavored stuff and wish that companies stopped considering it to be seasonal. I mean, come on, I'd eat pumpkin pie in May! Speaking of, if anyone has the perfect pumpkin pie recipe to share, please do!

Old habit: even better. I had an absolutely fucking amazing body-image moment after teaching class yesterday morning. I was wearing tight capris that cause a little bit o' belly-flab spillover, which was visible since I was also wearing a very tight tank (normally I'd go with a looser tank to hide it). I looked in the mirror and noted the belly flab, but then stopped myself and looked objectively, and pondered what my thoughts would be if this body belonged to another woman.

I decided it wasn’t “Look at that belly fat” but rather “Nice arms. Nice shoulders. Nice back." And even, for the first time ever, "Nice ass!”

I can't properly convey what this mental shift means to me, as my body image has always been ferociously critical. And I mean FEROCIOUS. Now, I’m still not content with where my body comp is, I still want that little bit of belly flab to go the fuck away, but I’m not filled with hate/anger/frustration every time I look down… I don’t really have words to describe how immense this shift is.

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