November 15

530a-turkey egg (thanks, Joy!), chick saus, 2 sl toast, c reg, Met, fish oil, multi
645a-c reg, stevia
715a-2c decaf
845a-2c decaf
1030a-5oz tuna, sesame crackers, 2T mustard, apple
330p(PWO)-apple, 3.1oz jerky, krill oil, multi
630p-7oz chicken, ~20 baby carrots, ~2T sauce, romaine salad
830p-Met, reds, yeast, fish oil, multi, CLA, Calcium, ALC, Carnosine, NC
9p-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 1753 cal, 48g fat (13 sat), 145g carbs (22 fiber), 166g protein


Habit update! I honestly feel like I've conquered the constant belly hate. It helps that I'm making body comp progress, but I know damn well that the mental shift has been a huge impact.

So now I'm starting another new habit: drink a cup of tea every day. Any tea: green, black, Sleepytime, whatever. Simple. Physical, not mental, this time, as I feel like my brain is on an upward spiral. Plus, I always want to buy more when I see the array of tea choices at the Grain Bin, but I already have a massive stash of it that I rarely drink. Time for that to change!


Scale note: I just realized that yesterday's weigh-in was exactly the same as when I started training with Dustin 2 years ago. If that isn't a perfect example of why NOT to focus on the scale, then nothing is. FAT LOSS is what you're after, not weight loss!


And finally, based on what I read in Mastering Leptin, I once again have a new diet plan. I feel like I'm the QUEEN of new plans, but hey, if it isn't working, try something else. Definition of insanity and allathat.
  • I will make the effort to nap both Saturday & Sunday, whether or not I feel like I need it at the time. (Basically, don't wait until I crash to catch up on sleep.) Also since I have a lot of upcoming Fridays off to burn up my PTO: bonus nap day!
  • Add recommended supplements (calcium, CLA, ALC, & Carnosine) that should help with my specific hormonal issues.
  • Make every effort to only work 40 hours per week, not 45-50 hours as is my tendency. Use that extra time for reading and relaxing! Tax season is right around the corner, after all.
  • Stop with the all-day grazing and instead eat 3 or 4 meals. Make Friday a fast day. Works out as follows:
    • Tuesday: 4 meals x 400 calories each + supps = 1850 calories
    • Wednesday: 3 meals x 400 calories each + supps = 1450 calories
    • Thursday: 4 meals x 400 calories each + supps = 1850 calories
    • Friday: supps = 250 calories (fast day)
    • Saturday: 3 meals x 400 calories each + 1 meal x 800 calories + supps = 2250 calories
    • Sunday: 3 meals x 400 calories each + 1 meal x 800 calories + supps = 2250 calories
    • Monday: supps = 250 calories (fast day)
This plan averages 1427, which is likely too low to feel good, which means there is leeway for extra calories as needed, based on workouts or sleep or whatever - or I can skip the Monday fast. Build it low, knowing that in reality it will always be higher.

My specific plan to combat binge urges: drink a quart of water, eat a BAS (Big Ass Salad*) but only if I actually need calories, and take a nap. Keep it simple; the body needs rest and fluids and perhaps some quality nutrition, but it definitely doesn't need the massive influx of food the brain is pushing for.

*Note: Mark's salad is significantly higher in calories than I need. Subract the pine nuts, avocado, and dressing, and that's where I land.

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