November 12

8a-2 egg bake, 2 sl toast, 2c reg, stevia
9a-2c reg w/ SC syrup
10a-2c reg
12p-Subway sandwich piece, baby carrots, celery, grape tomatoes
330p-2 Subway sandwich pieces
430p-pint Arctic Zero
530p(PWO)-2oz Paleonola
630p-salad, broiled walleye, roasted veg, c decaf
8p-multi, fish oil
9p-2oz Paleonola, reds, yeast, Met

Totals: 2276 cal, 77g fat (18 sat), 258g carbs (46 fiber), 93g protein
Once again tried to skip snacks but fell apart in afternoon. Low sleep. Weekend. GD.

You may know I fucking love bread? Too tired to resist the leftover sandwiches that I tried bringing home to the hubster. Paleonola is really fucking good, basically nuts & seeds flavored with natural sweetness. I don't recommend it unless you are able to resist such things. My other pouches are now in the basement. Out of sight, out of mind. I hope.

Tiny victory: I ordered the walleye at supper, when you know god damn well that I wanted ribs.

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