November 11

From here to the rest of the weekend: do as I say, not as I do.

630a-2 egg bake, 2c reg, s orejitas, Sunbutter bar
7a-2c decaf, stevia
9a-2c decaf
10a-2c reg
11a-c SF green tea
12p(Mongo’s)-3oz tilapia, .5c ea carrots, celery, gr peppers, red peppers, 5oz sauce, 2t curry, 2c decaf, Sunbutter bar
5p-chicken & veg, s orejitas, fish oil, multi
8p-egg white pizza, Met, greens, yeast
9p-snack bag kettle corn
10p-snack bag kettle corn
12a-2s Ultima
1a(PWO)-2 fr eggs, chick saus, sl toast, 2c decaf

Totals: 2340 cal, 86g fat (18 sat), 239g carbs (37 fiber), 141g protein

Rather than my morning fast plan, I instead decided to try a no-snack plan due to what I'd learned in Mastering Leptin. It went fine until I started in on the anxiety snacking before my 11pm run, then topped it off by eating again when I got home, rather than going straight to bed. Stupid brain.

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