November 1

430a-fr egg, chick saus, sl toast, banana, 2c reg, stevia, Met, fish oil, multi
630a-2c decaf, stevia
715a-2c decaf, 2T creamer
830a-2c decaf
10a-rice cake, T Sunbutter
115p(PWO)-5oz tuna, 2T mustard, sesame rice crackers,* honeycrisp, multi, krill oil
4p-oz almonds
7p-salad, 2oz chicken, fish oil, Met, greens, yeast, Cinnamon Protein Apples**
1030p-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 1710 cal, 53g fat (10 sat), 190g carbs (40 fiber), 120g protein

*Check out my lunch: tuna, mustard, & crackers. This is actually really GD good! Mix tuna & mustard, then scoop it up with your crackers. Mustard adds plenty of flavor without the calories of mayo. The scooping makes it feel like a treat, fulfills those dipping & crunching needs. Try it!

Use canned chicken instead if you hate tuna. I dislike tuna, so I buy this stuff, which does not taste the slightest bit fishy, and is only 173 calories for the entire can of protein-packed goodness. A little expensive though: $3/can on Amazon, though you can do auto-ship and get it cheaper (like me).

Whether or not food is "expensive" depends on your priorities, though. Pay the grocer now, or the doctor later! And let's compare it to eating out: if spending $5 at McDonald's is a reasonable price to pay for tasty poison masquerading as food, then how is a $3 uber-healthy can of tuna too expensive to consider?

**The apple snack was pretty tasty. A little on the dry side, since the apples get coated with powder, but as you bite in, YUM to the flavor! Tonight I'm going to repeat with the leftover powder, which should mean the slices aren't quite as thoroughly coated, which I think will solve the dryness issue. When I run out of honeycrisp apples, I will try this with baked apples (okay, fine, let's be honest: microwaved apples). Why wait? Because you enjoy the perfect texture of a honeycrisp raw, you don't freaking bake it - that! is some kind of serious blasphemy!

HABIT: still doing well. Some sideways belly views, but they were accompanied by telling myself that it really doesn't look bad, and it isn't all that much fat to lose before I start liking it. I can sacrifice a little to get there!

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