Read This: Brad Pilon

I've been reading Brad Pilon this morning, mainly because I've been thinking about using his fasting method (Eat Stop Eat) for my next round of fat loss efforts. Daily calorie restriction is getting old. (After 4 years?! You don't say!)

Anyway, he has a great post that has nothing to do with fasting, and everything to do with being awesome. As someone who aspires to be Wonder Woman*, I'm a fan.

Here's an excerpt, and the link:

The most important part of being Awesome is remembering that being Awesome is a choice, and the more time you spend being awesome, the more being awesome becomes second nature.

So remember, you are already awesome, and you can become more awesome with a little practice.

Read it all here: How to be Awesome


*What female wouldn't want to be Wonder Woman? She is (direct quote!) as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury. Tell me those don't sound like my goals!

I believe Dustin can make me look this good, but I don't think he'll sign off on the boots.

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