October 8

GOTD-5s fruits/veg.

530a-2 sl GF French toast w/ syrup, scrambled egg, 2.5c reg, fish oil, multi
during run-4 mini-Larabars, 2s Ultima
1030a(PWO)-2s Ultima, banana
12p-nut bar, turkey, ham, salami, mayo, mustard on GF toast, .5 trail mix, few grapes
during run-3 mini-Larabars, 2s Ultima
530p(PWO)-2s Ultima, banana
7p-orange, trail mix
8p-multi, fish oil, salad, mixed veg w/ olive oil, 4oz chicken
930p-Tyrosine, 5HTP, Benadryl

Totals: 2469 cal, 123g fat (26 sat), 258g carbs (30 fiber), 93g protein

Feel like this is wrong, like calories had to be higher than this! I tried to keep notes all weekend, but I could've missed something. Put on 20 brutal trail miles, just doesn't seem possible that I only ate at this level and still felt so good!

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