October 4

5a-2 fr eggs, chick saus, sl GF toast, c reg, fish oil, multi, Met
6a-c reg
7a-2c decaf
9a-sm banana
930a-chick saus
11a-6 almonds
1p(PWO)-4oz pork tenderloin, .75c sweet potato, 6 almonds, krill oil, multi
430p-oz almonds
630p-salad (tomatoes, red pepper, carrots, lettuce, balsamic) & 6oz chicken, fish oil, multi, Met, reds, yeast, .5c frozen banana w/ oz choc almond milk & cinnamon
845p-5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl (forgot NC)

Totals: 1711 cal, 74g fat (15 sat), 170g carbs (33 fiber), 102g protein

A good day at work, a good session with Dustin, a happy brain, totally reasonable food intake without even trying.

Still not quite hitting 8 hours in bed, been 15 minutes behind the last two nights. But that's damn close, and tomorrow I can sleep in longer - goal of 8.5 to make up for the last two nights. This is almost guaranteed to keep the happy brain rolling!!

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