October 30

Fast day.

630a-c decaf, fish oil, multi, Met
11a-c reg
1p-c reg, stevia
3p-c decaf, stevia
7p-fish oil, multi, Met, reds, yeast, 4 FiberSmart
830p-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 178 cal, 4g fat (0 sat), 24g carbs (10 fiber), 7g protein

I did no workouts, instead focusing on sleep (eleven hours!) and relaxation. Read a lot, paid bills, played on computer (for me, bill paying kinda belongs in that category!), bought Boston flights (woot!), and did the bare minimum of chores. I didn't even go outside despite it being a fairly nice day, just stayed tucked into my to-do list. Then I topped it off by going to bed at 8:50pm.

Most importantly: I didn't beat myself up over the binge. I'm not viewing it as some kind of mental failure, and that's a giant leap forward for me. Instead, I started re-listening to Leigh Peele's binge podcast series, and I'm devising a new nutrition plan. Stay tuned!

Habit: easy peasy. A side benefit of fasting is a flatter belly since there's nothing in the digestive system to poof it out. Yes, flatter even after a binge night. So another day of no belly hate, and after a binge? That's huuuuge.

Fun with scales:
Sunday morning +5.2 lbs
Monday morning -4.8 lbs - and from one week prior, -2.0 lbs

Daily weighing is giving me better perspective on "big picture" thinking than a weekly weigh-in, because I can see these wild water swings and understand how very much that influences the numbers. Use what works for you.

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