October 3

445a-2 fr eggs, chick saus, fish oil, multi, Met, c reg
550a-c reg w/ cinn, stevia
730a(PWO)-2c decaf w/ mulling spice, stevia, mini-Larabar, 12 almonds
10a-med apple, .5oz almonds
12p-6oz chicken, med orange, fish oil, multi
(dwo)-2s Ultima, mini Larabar
515p-(PWO)-s Ultima, mini Larabar
615p-2 fr eggs, lotta bacon, ¼ cantaloupe, peach w/ cinnamon, fish oil, multi, Met, reds, yeast, c decaf
8p-med apple, NC
9p-Tyrosine, 5HTP, Benadryl

Totals: 2105 cal, 115g fat (26 sat), 183g carbs (35 fiber), 101g protein

This weekend I fully absorbed this quote: A calorie deficit is a recovery deficit. While this is 100% true, I shall take the liberty of modifying this to better suit my own major obstacle: A sleep deficit is a recovery deficit.

My long trail run today was cut in half and involved far more walking than planned. I'm not too concerned that this is a sign I'll tank this weekend at the Train & Stay. However, I am certain that not getting enough sleep will cause me to tank. But getting enough sleep during a shortened close week is one fuck of a massive challenge.

The solution:
-Take away the two-a-day workouts, thus no more running the rest of the week.
-Get in the shower at 8pm every night. No exceptions. This leads to a 9pm bedtime, which gives me 8 hours in bed, since I'm always up at 5am these days.
-Aim to sleep in later on Thursday & Friday.
-Be more productive at work (read: stop fucking off) so that sleeping in is possible.
-Don't worry about calories. Keep the fucking nuts & nut butters out of the house, and maintenance will take care of itself.

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