October 24

445a-fr egg, chick saus, sl toast, c reg, Met, multi, fish oil
6a-c reg w/ stevia
715a(PWO)-2oz jerky
730a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia, 2T coconut creamer
10a-egg bake, 1.5c decaf w/ Equal
1p-salad, 1.5c decaf w/ Equal, multi, krill oil
4p-egg bake, 1.5c decaf w/ Equal
6p-egg white pizza, multi, Met, greens, yeast
8p-half choco-waffle
9p-Benadryl, 5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 1576 cal, 51g fat (10 sat), 157g carbs (22 fiber), 121g protein

Acne test in progress...three servings of aspartame in one day. It seems to be affecting my gut (zipping right on through the system), and I've definitely been able to correlate "GI problem foods" with acne, so I highly suspect I'll have an ugly face within a day or two. A depressing way to test things, no?

A big piece of me doesn't even want to test, I want very badly to keep my clear skin, but to spend the rest of my life avoiding all this stuff soley based on suspicion would be senseless.

So, what am I all suspecting/avoiding at this point? A ton:
-dairy (whey in Arctic Zero=okay)
-gluten (wheat, barley, rye)
-corn (HFCS=okay)
-caffeine (2c daily of coffee=okay)
-aspartame (2s daily of Metamucil=okay)
-legumes (peanuts=okay)

See, I can handle the Whole30-style eating 80% of the time, but I want to have that 20% if I can, and right now I basically can't, except for the notes above. It would be pretty god damn sweet not to have to avoid the problem foods when going out to eat, on holidays, etc. Although I'll admit that a small part of me hopes that many of these really are out, so I don't need to use willpower to avoid eating a massive amount of sourdough.

Then there's the part of me that says come November 24, hand me a birthday loaf, motherfucker!


Averages for the first week back at fat loss:
-1818 cal
-64g fat (13 sat) 32%
-185g carbs (29 fiber) 41%
-123g protein 27%
-Down 40%, 1190 cal avg, 8327 total, from last week - this stat is hilarious, due to last week's insanely high levels
-Burned 2741, down 2771 from last week - but that's still a lot, yo!

The scale told me I am down .4 lbs overall, .2 lbs fat, with an impedance +2 from last week, so this is actually a damn solid measurement, and thus kind of depressing. Only .2 lbs fat, that's fucking IT?! Ugh.

Also, consider this: I am up 11.6 lbs from 1/4/11. I would judge a decent amount of that is lean mass (muscle & water), but definitely not all of it. Double ugh.

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