October 22

630a-2 fr eggs, chick saus, 2 sl toast, c reg, Met, multi, fish oil
745a-c reg, stevia
830a-s Ultima, 2/3 Larabar
10a-1/3 Larabar, 2s Ultima
12p-egg white pizza, multi, fish oil, greens
430p-spaghetti*, multi, fish oil, c decaf
8p-bell pepper, 2oz roast beef, honeycrisp
(forgot eve Met, NC, Benadryl, 5HTP, Tyrosine)

Totals: 2047 cal, 90g fat (18 sat), 201g carbs (33 fiber), 88g protein

High carbs due to a long trail run (9.37m).

*The spaghetti was Prego & Tofu Shirataki noodles: made from soy, 40 calories for 2 servings (or in my mind: ONE serving). To make them tasty enough, rinse the fuck out of them, then put them directly into your pan o' sauce & simmer it for a while. Meets spaghetti cravings for a minimal amount of calories/carbs, and with a similar texture. Spaghetti squash is a lot cheaper & gives you more vitamins/minerals, but will take more calories, so it depends on your priority.

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