October 15

GOTD-finish the 50k. And I fucking rocked it. Secondary goal of 7:30 finishing time; I did it in 7:05, and felt strong all the way through. Wanna read all about it? Go here.

630a-3oz teriyaki nuggets, 2 blueberry muffins, 1.5c reg, fish oil, multi
715a-c reg
during race-5 cookies, 1 muffin, 2 mini Larabars, a full Larabar, 1.5 bananas, orange wedge, 3 salt tabs, 8s Ultima
post race-2 cookies, 6 pickles, 1 ultra ball
730p-ribs, chicken wings, fries, cole slaw
9p-c brain food

Totals: 5484 cal, 293g fat (86g fat), 551g carbs (43g fiber), 179g protein

Holy shit, right? However, I burned 4100 calories in that race, so this was pretty much right on target.

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