October 10

GOTD-5s fruits/veg.

5a-2 fr eggs, bacon, GF choco chip cookie, c reg, fish oil, multi
6a-c reg
8(PWO)a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia, 12 almonds
930a-roasted veg, tiny plum
12p-chick saus, 2 tiny plums, ¼ cantaloupe, 6 almonds, 1.5c decaf, 2 krill oil
415p-banana, 12 almonds
6p-bag almond chips
630p-pollock, roasted veg, fish oil, multi, brewer’s yeast, reds
snacking-granola, ultra balls, T Sunbutter

Totals: 2940 cal, 133g fat (23 sat), 357g carbs (52 fiber), 108g protein

Oops. Only 940 calories over maintenance goals. I'd say half of the wanton snacking was due to 50k anxiety, and the other half was pure biological drive to replenish. I did not go at things with a binge mindset, but I let myself nosh with abandon on new snacks & while testing out a recipe.

Today's weigh-in reflected some awesome swings in water weight. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the results!
Weight: +3.6 lbs
Fat: -5.2 lbs
Lean Mass: +8.8 lbs
Water: +6.4 lbs
Fat %: -4.5%

Again, this is all just insane fluctations in my water levels due to massive carb inhalation over the last week, (242g average!) and some fluid retention due to the massive mileage this weekend. A good reminder that sometimes you have to take the scales readouts with a grain of salt (and a gram of carbs).

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