October 1

630a-Met, fish oil, multi
7a-2c reg, 9oz deli turkey, 2 hb eggs, sm apple
9a-trail mix, few grapes, deli ham
12p-3oz jerky
2p-Sobe, trail mix bar
330p-orange, few grapes, oz chips
530p-salad w/ dressing, 3oz mango chicken, 4oz tri tip
630p to 11p-4oz peanuts, few Reese’s Pieces, Jelly Bellys, 1.5c reg, c decaf
11p-fish oil, multi, Met, reds, yeast, NC, 5HTP, Benadryl, Tyrosine

Totals: 2801 cal, 124g fat (21 sat), 264g carbs (36 fiber), 179g protein

Another long day full of wasted time, not enough sleep, crankypants annoyed mindset, constipation, a sore back due to standing in heels all god damned day, and thus snacking snacking snacking.

Oh, and my lovely cousin got married in a lovely ceremony. Don't mind me, I'm just playing the part of the bitchy bridesmaid who would give her pinky for a two-hour nap and no food allergies. Whoever put the peanuts out on the snack table should be shot. I could not. stop. eating. them.

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