September 7

GOTD: 10min stretching (again).

450a-2 fried eggs, 2 sl bacon, 2 mini pitas, fish oil, multix2, Met, c reg
550a-c reg, 4oz almond milk, stevia
8a(PWO)-1.5c decaf, stevia, capella drops, oatmeal cranberry cookie
10a-sm apple, 12 almonds
12p-buffalo chicken salad & breadstick
1p-fish oil, multi
4p-English muffin, T Sunbutter, 1.5c decaf, stevia, capella drops
7p(PWO)-tilapia, stir fry, fish oil, multi, Met, reds, yeast
715p-Fruition bar
1030p-5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl, 2 FiberSmart

Totals: 1708 cal, 71g fat (12 sat), 227g carbs (37 fiber), 88g protein – goal of 2000

Longest. Day. Ever. Got to work at 610am (to teach my first ever class!), left at 5pm to run, came back at 630pm to work some more. Left at 915pm. Gah-ROSS.

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