September 3

GOTD-low carb day.

830a-egg white omelet w/ salsa, chick saus, half cantaloupe, c reg, fish oil, multix2, Met
9a-almond milk latte
1p-chicken leg & thigh, stir fry, fish oil, multi
4p-sm banana
7p-salad (2oz steak, romaine, green beans, peas, apple, celery, pecans)
11p-3.5oz teriyaki jerky, Vitamin Water*
1a-2c grapes

Totals: 1627 cal, 48g fat (12 sat), 175g carbs (24 fiber), 132g protein – goal of 1800

*Look at the label of your next calorie-free beverage. This one listed 0 calories per 8oz serving, but also 4g carbs per 8oz serving. You tell me how that math works!

Certainly a hidden 40 calories (4g carbs x 4 calories each x 2.5 serings per bottle) won't derail you, but what if you drank several of them per day? 100 extra calories every day adds up pretty damn fast.

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