September 24

9a-pancakes* w/ honey & applesauce, c reg, fish oil, multi, Met
10a-turkey dog, mini Larabar, c reg w/ cinnamon
during run-mini Larabar, 4s Ultima
130p-trail mix bar
3p-can Zevia, 7oz jerky
430p-mint chocolate chip Arctic Zero (this was good!), can Zevia
7p-lettuce w/ seeds, bacos, cole slaw, ribs, baked potato w/ salsa
11p-2 sl GF bread, s PB2, t honey, fish oil, Met, multi, reds, yeast, NC
12a-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 3343 cal, 114g fat (31 sat), 377g carbs (36g fiber), 209g protein

Either the super addictive jerky OR the evening snack would've been okay, but both was bit much. However, I put on 12 run/walk miles so this was only a little over maintenance.

Also, I slept until I woke up: 9am. Lovely!!

*I found this gluten-free mix & subbed 1/4 of it w/ rice protein powder, used almond milk (of course), and subbed applesauce for oil. My pancakes were still fluffy and delicious! Naturally one batch is labeled as an absurd 7 servings, but I got two filling servings out of it at 338 cal, 1g fat, 63g carbs, 18g protein. Yes, high carb & high calorie, but as I learned, a VERY good pre-run breakfast!

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