September 22

Near tears most of the day. Just over-tired, over-stressed, over-everything. So not a surprise: over-ate at home, but not quite at a binge level…mostly because there was nothing in the house to binge on. Good strategy! Also, stuck to avoiding grains better than I normally would, due to being a bridesmaid in just 8 short days.

450a-fr egg, 2 sl GF bread, chick saus, honey mustard, curry, c reg, fish oil, multi, Met
550a-Kind+ bar, c reg w/ stevia
615a-1.5c decaf
730a-1.5c decaf
10a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia, med apple, s Sunbutter
115p(PWO)-turkey patty, egg bake, fish oil, multi
6p-stir fry, turkey & “cheese” sandwich w/ honey mustard, trail mix bar, PB2, s wasabi peas, 2c decaf, Met, reds, yeast
9p-4 dried apricots, NC, Benadryl, 5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 2466 cal, 109g fat (21 sat), 248g carbs (41 fiber), 109g protein

Biggest key: I need more sleep. Averaged 7.5 hours over the last twelve days, which include a vacation that ideally should have pushed that WAY UP. I feel best if I'm averaging 8. So let's think, does this equation make sense:

- adequate sleep
- adequate calories
+ more physical stress (workouts)
+ more mental stress (work)
= binge tendencies

Yep, that looks about right! So let's work on these changes
+ extra sleep
+ extra calories
and see if that helps...this weekend's entire focus is on (a) getting a lot of sleep so that I can (b) log some trail time. Wish me luck & pain-free running!

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