September 20

GOTD-skip a meal. Skipped my afternoon snack, and was then a cranky, tired, bitchy version of myself.

Not worth it.

Thus, I decided that this week, the GOTD every day is to hit the calorie target, and that's it. I'm going to average 1600 this week, which is the lowest I've ever gone. And in order to cycle calories & have a couple nice high days, particularly to fuel some long runs this weekend, there have to be a couple not-nice low days, which are going to be brutal. So, no added challenges.

5a-fr egg, turkey patty, 2 rusk toats, c reg, fish oil, multi, Met
7a-1.5c reg
8a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia, flavor drops
10a-turkey patty
1p(PWO)-turkey patty, yam, fish oil, multi
6p-lettuce, tomato, 2 baby bell peppers, 2oz turkey, balsamic, multi, fish oil, Met, yeast, reds, c decaf
7p-choco-nana crepe, almond cookie, c decaf
9p-NC, 5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl

Totals: 1389 cal, 53g fat (13 sat), 120g carbs (21 fiber), 104g protein

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