September 18

Big surprise: Sunday was a fast day. I also got a 2.5-hour nap at home, which helped turn me back into my normal self.

I am still amazed by the fact that fasting is so easy for me. Many times I eyed up that GD bag of trail mix, but every time it was easy enough to say, "Nope, I'm fasting today. Maybe tomorrow." Where the fuck was that willpower 24 hours earlier?!

9a-2c coffee w/ stevia, fish oil, multi, Met
1030a-.5c reg
5p-c decaf, fish oil, multi
8p-NC, multi, fish oil, Met, reds, yeast
930p-5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl

Totals: 162 cal, 4g fat (0 sat), 24g carbs (9 fiber), 5g protein

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