September 17

The day it all fell apart...6.5 hours in bed, slept terribly (no heat), and no nap. That's really all it takes for me. Not sure how many times I need to re-learn that lesson! I ate until my stomach hurt, and then I kept on eating. Brilliant.

8a-c reg, c grapes, 12oz cola, fish oil, multi
11a-oz nuts, oz trail mix
1p-6oz chicken, egg bake, raw veg, 20oz SoBe, Met, 2oz trail mix, oz jerky, half sweet potato, Mio
2p-sm apple, Alka-Seltzer, c decaf, Bismarck
4p-2 turkey dogs on bun w/ ketchup & mustard, c decaf, mini Larabar
7p-chicken strips w/ bbq, pickles, Mio
8p-ice cream sandwich
12a-oz nuts, oz trail mix
1a-.5oz nuts, fish oil, multi, 5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl.

Totals: 3196 cal, 163g fat (31 sat), 311g carbs (39 fiber), 141g protein

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