September 15

A 22-hour day, and day one of a long-awaited vacation weekend. My resolve and "I've got this!" attitude failed me a bit. My husband brought a delicious trail mix, and my in-laws had a giant jar of mixed nuts in the camper...these things killed my ambitious plan. Oh, wait, let's be honest: these things plus a lack of adequate sleep wilted my willpower, and my own brain killed my plan. The weekend even included grains & dairy & a massively high-calorie day, all of which are suspects to cystic acne, which absolutely followed....paying for it big time this week.

Anyway, here goes:

445a-6oz chicken, egg bake, c reg, fish oil, multi x2, Met
6a-c reg
715a-sm apple
730a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia, flavor drops
10a-salmon, orange, fish oil, multi
2p-salmon, sm apple
5p-sandwich (GF bread, fake cheese, turkey), c grapes, stir fry, Cajun trail mix, fish oil, multi, Met
7p-.625oz jerky
12a-baby bell pepper, 2s hummus, oz mixed nuts, 12oz SF/CF cola
2a-2oz nuts, oz jerky, fish oil, multi

Totals: 2368 cal, 113g fat (22 sat), 200g carbs (38 fiber), 138g protein

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