September 13

GOTD-nothing processed (again).

515a-egg white w/ stir fry, steak, chick saus, fish oil, multi, Met, c reg
620a-c reg, stevia, cinnamon, almond milk
10a-4oz steak
1p(PWO)-4oz pork tenderloin, .25c sweet potatoes, fish oil, multi
5p-2 roma tomatoes
630p(PWO)-sm apple
7p-15oz bag snap peas**
745p-4oz pork tenderloin, .25c sweet potatoes, fish oil, multi, Met, reds, yeast
9p-NC, 5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl

Totals: 1672 cal, 52g fat (11 sat), 162g carbs (37 fiber), 135g protein

*A Larabar is technically a goal fail, but when a 5th grader could pronounce every ingredient, it's good enough for me. And at any rate, I was sadly too busy to take 5 minutes to walk to the Squirrel's Nest for my salmon.

**Elden's has 15-oz bags of snap peas now, a slightly better deal than the 8-oz bags. But just like any other food you put in front of me, I'm going to eat until it's gone. Especially if I'm driving. At ~200 calories, this is not a bad way to fill that snacky eat eat eat need, but that's a whole lotta fiber to ingest at once! The second bag was smartly portioned out into salads.

Couple fat loss tips:
-Last night at Elden's I looked at the cookies and in the moment when I'd normally feel deprived, I told myself that I've only got two more weeks of dieting and THEN I have a maintenance week where I can eat some junk. And I did not feel deprived! Give yourself a deadline (4 weeks or less is usually best) so you can keep your eyes on the prize.
-I'm going on a camping vacation this weekend. Unlike 99.9% of the population, I'm using this as an opportunity to accelerate fat loss, not slide backward. Here's how:
--I'm not justifying any diet break. In fact, I'm thrilled to be able to avoid all home-based temptations of overeating! I won't need to use willpower if I plot out my meals and ONLY bring those meals with me. There simply will be no excess calorie options. If I overeat my supply at some point, it would mean NOT eating at another point. And since I have the added benefit of avoiding grains & dairy (like that attitude?), I can't be tempted by anyone else's food in our group.
--This weekend will also see me only doing easy running and one long walk; no strength work to overly stress the body, which really dislikes trying to pull from fat to build muscle. Easy cardio helps it allow fat loss without hormones going ballistic.
--Also helpful for fat loss? Sleep. Lots and lots of sweet, blessed sleep, in awesomely cool temps.
--And finally, eliminating all forms of mental stress will make the body allow fat loss more easily as well. My typical day: Read. Run or walk. Nap. Read. Races. Campfire. Sleep. I call it the perfect vacation.

Averages for the week:
-1695 cal, 65 fat (10 sat) 35%, 188g carbs (27 fiber) 44%, 84g protein 20% - goal of 1700
-Down 3%, 53 cal avg, 369 total, from last week
-Burned 3075, up 603 from last week
-2011 avg: 2018 cal, 88g fat (19 sat), 185g carbs (33 fiber), 129g protein
-Weigh in: up .8 lbs, fat mass down 1 lb. Whatever. Dustin saw me back in my usual shorts for the first time in two weeks (been wearing sweatpants to stay warm since I wasn't working that hard) and said in a rather surprised voice, "You're looking trim!" Aw, sweetness.

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