September 10

GOTD-only 2c decaf (actually 0!)

Mud Run day:

7a-fr egg, 2 sl bacon, sweet potato, c reg, piece apple cake, fish oil, multi x2, Met
945a-c reg w/ stevia & milk, mini Larabar
12p-salad (lettuce, .5 hb egg, .5oz turkey, 1 grape tomato), 3.5oz jerky
5p(PWO)-2 veggie burgers (<-fucking disgusting but that was all the free food they had left besides stuff I couldn't eat), beer
530p-Larabar, homemade "mud cookie"
7p-SoBe Lifewater, 3.5oz jerky
8p-ribs, boneless wings, onion rings (we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings and I should've had nothing since I'd already had a full day of calories...but brain was not doing well, willpower was gone)
10p-almond “ice cream” bar
12a-fish oil, multi (forgot Met, reds, yeast, 5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl)

Totals: 3016 cal, 126g fat (16 sat), 256g carbs (26 fiber), 177g protein

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