August 31

GOTD-eat nothing processed. Technically I suppose the freeze-dried banana chips were processed, but there was nothing added, the ingredient list was bananas only! From Trader Joe's, and pretty damn good - and not as messy as the FD blueberries.

6a-4oz pork tenderloin, fried egg, c grapes, c reg, Met, multi, adrenal, fish oil
7a-c reg w/ stevia, flavor drops
8a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia
10a-orange, 12 almonds, 1.5c decaf
12p-4oz pork tenderloin, tiny plum, sm banana, .25c sweet potatoes, fish oil, adrenal
130p-35g freeze dried banana chips, 12 almonds
230p(post blood donation)-35g freeze dried banana chips, 12 almonds
4p-sm plum
7p-pork chop, sweet potato, asparagus, fish oil, multi, Met, yeast, reds, NC, D
930p-5HTP, Tyrosine, Benadryl

Totals: 1907 cal, 55g fat (10 sat), 262g carbs (40 fiber), 101g protein – goal of 1900

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