Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Days 44-46

Weekend time with friends: very good.

Weekend food: worse than expected. I am a bottomless pit who can't get full.

Weekend workouts: terrible. My running mojo seems to be long gone. My marathon is 4 short weeks away and I have absolutely no idea what to do about it.

 6a-fried egg sandwich w/ 1.5 sl bacon, 2c reg, multi, D, zinc, adrenal, fish oil
7a-c reg w/ cinn, almond milk
8a-American w/ SF syrup
9a-Pranabar, can d ch Pepsi
930a-caramel toffee scone
11a-salad w/ balsamic
12p-Tio’s taco salad w/ pork, fish oil, adrenal
1p-mini orange muffin
3p-4oz chicken, 3 pineapple chunks, can d ch Pepsi
5p-chips, can d ch Pepsi
Heather’s-hot dog, chips, fruit salad, green beans, s’mores, shit ton of pop

Totals: 2718 cal, 113g fat (22 sat), 354g carbs (45 fiber), 100g protein – goal of 1250


breakfast-lots of coffee, lots of bread, eggs, bacon, sausage, more bread
lunch: pulled pork sandwich, cole slaw, fries, tortilla chips, diet Pepsi
supper: many chips, pizza pie, PB & marshmallow pie
all day-shit ton of pop

Totals (est): 3302 cal, 175g fat (34 sat), 280g carbs (29 fiber), 100g protein – goal of 1850

breakfast-omelet, coffee, bread
drive home-pop, chips
at home-pop, ice cream, bread
after nap-chicken & veg stir fry
supper time-pint blueberries

Totals (est): 1859 cal, 60g fat (21 sat), 255g carbs (27 fiber), 60g protein – goal of 750

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