August 4

GOTD: Have an almond-milk latte - yay for my random spreadsheet function just KNOWING I needed a splurge kind of day! Hells YEAH I can achieve that!

6a-2 fried eggs, 3 sl turkey, bagel, honey mustard, c reg, Met, reds, zinc, D, fish oil, adrenal, multi
7a-c reg w/ 3oz almond milk, cinn
8a-decaf Americano w/ SF syrup
9a-2c watermelon, 1.5c decaf w/ .5oz coffee syrup
11a-oz almonds
1p (PWO)-5oz turkey on bread, adrenal, fish oil
415p-shake (protein, CPB2, cocoa)
7p-2 fried eggs, 2 sl maple bacon, sweet potato, 2c decaf w/ almond milk, cinn, fish oil, adrenal, zinc

Totals: 1930 cal, 74 fat (13 sat), 188g carbs (38 fiber), 126g protein – goal of 1750 but aimed for maintenance to prevent binge urges.

I had 2250-ish plotted out, actual maintenance, but I had awful & strange stomach cramps from 1130a-345p, so my lunch salad & afternoon blueberries were items that didn't sound appealing in the slightest. Didn't feel digestive. Ibuprofen seemed to take care of it, eventually, no idea what caused it. The best I can do is keep notes and see if it happens again.

Also? I feel pretty certain that I can pinpoint digestive issues with grains. More than 1-2 servings in a day leads to constipation. Another reason not to binge (since binges do often involve bread for me, as I am Bread's Bitch). Fuck the food pyramid or plate or whatever guide the government promotes and 98% of people ignore. I'm going with Whole9 & Loren Cordain on this one; but since I am Bread's Bitch I refuse to completely rule it out while in a deficit. 1-2 per day is a-okay.

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