August 28

GOTD: stretch 10 min.

7a-fried egg, chick saus, 2 rusks, 2c reg, multi, adrenal, fish oil, FiberSmart, Met
10a-2 sl bread, T bb balsamic sauce, few SP chunks
 12p-almond butter ball
1p(during walk)-mini Larabar, Ultima
3p(PWO)-egg white omelet, stir fry, cukes, carrots, hummus, c grapes, FiberSmart, adrenal, fish oil
5p(during walk)-Ultima
7p-steak w/ shrooms, onions, teriyaki sauce, asparagus, fish oil, adrenal, Met, yeast, reds, FiberSmart
8p-almond ice cream bar, NC, D

Totals: 1726 cal, 56g fat (11 sat), 204g carbs (39 fiber), 108g protein – goal of 1800

I ate by feel this day, didn't calc calories as I went, and somehow that worked! I believe the key is I avoided pretty much all grains...digestive issues.

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