August 25

GOTD-skip a meal, which I was already planning to do for supper! But I failed. In my training session, I pissed off my lower back muscles, and so I was down in the dumps mentally AND physically. We all know what that usually leads to...and it did.

6a-fried egg, 2 Canadian bacon, 3 mini pitas, 3oz maple walnut bread, c reg, fish oil, adrenal, multi, D, Met, yeast, reds, NC
7a-Aleve, c reg, 6oz almond milk, pb cookie
8a-1.5c decaf w/ choc almond milk
10a-3.25oz pork jerky
1p(PWO)-Honey Nut Cheerios w/ almond milk, chick saus, adrenal, fish oil
330p-chick saus
6p-cukes & humms, peas & hummus
7p-cabbage soup, fish oil, adrenal, Met, yeast, reds
8p-apple, half-fucking-jar of BnPB, NC, D

Totals: 2988 cal, 99g fat (22 sat), 352g carbs (48 fiber), 150g protein – goal of 1900

Without the PB binge, I would have come in at 2288, still too high, but at least reasonable. Fucking brain!

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