August 21

Again, no GOTD, but I did finally realize I had forgotten. So I did my 10 minutes of stretching from Friday, and focused on eating just enough to feel good, while keeping a lid on my ravenous impulses - I put on 11.64 trail miles in the morning, so the calorie level I achieved is actually pretty impressive.

6a-fried egg, 4oz steak, crumpet w/ balsamic sauce, c reg, fish oil, adrenal, multi
7a-c reg
830a(pre-run)-3oz Tanka Bites
10a(mid-run)-mini Larabar
throughout run-Ultima
1p-6oz tri tip, c raw green beans, 2 sm carrots, 4T hummus, fish oil, adrenal
330p-5oz beef ribs, 4 mini pitas, 2T balsamic sauce
6p-stir fry
8p-trail mix bar, fish oil, adrenal, D, NC, Met, yeast, reds

Totals: 2065 cal, 71g fat (23 sat), 215g carbs (39 fiber), 149g protein – goal of 1800

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