August 20

GOTD: never grabbed one as I left work at noon on Friday. But I was up at 430am to go to Minneapolis for an all-day workshop*, so the entire day was off-kilter, tired, weird eating, etc. Had I created a goal, it would have been: no binge eating. And I did succeed in that!

530a-3oz Tanka Bites, c reg
7a-kettle corn rice cakes
930a-Larabar, Ultima
12p-trail mix bar, 1.5oz jerky
230p-trail mix bar, Ultima
4p-1.5oz jerky
6p-1.5c decaf, oz bag kettle corn
8p-samples of chips, crackers, Teddy Grahams, slice olive loaf, c watermelon
920p-stir fry, fish oil, adrenal, 2s Met, reds, yeast, D, NC, multi
10p-5HTP, Tyrosine

Totals: 2069 cal, 62g fat (13 sat), 283g carbs (28 fiber), 120g protein – goal of 1750

*Assuming I passed the test, I will be the newest Group Fitness Instructor at Tastefully Simple!

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