August 18

GOTD: Eat nothing processed. I skipped this rule for my team's potluck lunch, as I'm sick & tired of being noticeably dieting, and I think a sandwich made up of two slices of low-cal bread & 2 slices of lunch meat is pretty damn minor as far as cheating goes. Plus, I did have two no-processed-carbs days already this week, so I justified bucking the spreadsheet system just a little bit. Hey, it's my fucking system, all right?

6a-fried egg, beets & sweets (OMG deliciousness), c reg, fish oil, adrenal, multi, Met
8a-1.5c decaf
930a-12 almonds
10a-12 almonds
1215p(PWO)-sandwich, veggies, pickles
215p-fish oil, adrenal
330p-2 chicken wings
7p-chicken breast, salad, fish oil, adrenal, D, Met, NC, reds, yeast
8p-c strawberries
930p-Tyrosine, 5HTP

Totals: 1796 cal, 80g fat (17 sat), 150g carbs (41 fiber), 124g protein – goal of 1850

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