August 15

GOTD: Have a low-carb day.

For me, still in a baby-stepped diet phase, that means no processed carbs, no starchy vegetables, and limited fruit. (A year ago, "low carb" would've meant 50-100g, but I'm not there yet.)

And I justified the carby hummus snack because I was too low on calories otherwise; and a full ounce of almonds wasn't going to be as satisfying or nutritious as crunchy cukes & hummus! I did consider ending the day at a super sweet deficit, but I've learned that can bite me in the ass later. I've gotten MUCH smarter in this diet phase.

And the results speak for themselves: week 3, down 1.2 lbs. Woot!

6a-fried egg, chick saus, c reg, fish oil, multi, adrenal, Met
7a-c reg w/ almond milk, cinn, stevia
8a-c decaf w/ almond milk, stevia
930a-12 almonds
10a-med apple
1p-stir fry w/ tilapia, plum, 1.5c decaf w/ almond milk, fish oil, adrenal
4p-oz almonds
7p-stir fry w/ tilapia, fish oil, adrenal, D, NC, Met, yeast, reds
815p-12 almonds, sm cuke, 2T hummus
915p-Tyrosine, 5HTP

Totals: 1585 cal, 74g fat (11 sat), 149g carbs (49 fiber), 99g protein – goal of 1650

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