August 13

GOTD: Splurge on a treat. Don't mind if I do! I inhaled 4 slices of olive sourdough with my breakfast. NOM.

Confession: the spreadsheet actually prescribed a low-carb day. I moved that to Monday and re-randomized because (a) Saturdays need to be high-cal for a happy brain, (b) I was going to spend another Saturday lunch surrounded by carbs & I was already bringing my own soup to avoid high sandwich calories, and (c) I was going to the races where I'd be slammed with fries and pulled pork and pizza from every angle. Tough enough to stick to a reasonable plan, damn near impossible to make it low-carb without leading into dangerous binge-adjacent territories!

6a-fried egg, 4oz sourdough, c reg, adrenal, multi, fish oil
7a-c reg w/ almond milk, cinnamon
1p-broccoli salad, cabbage soup, plum, 2s SP chips, .5s pita chips, c watermelon, sl turkey
5p-5-hour energy, fish oil, adrenal
530p-SoBe LifeWater*, apple
630-3.25oz Cholula Hot Sauce beef jerky (new & nommy!)
1030p-Met, fish oil, adrenal, yeast, reds

Totals: 2021 cal, 81g fat (15 sat), 224g carbs (29 fiber), 105g protein – goal of 2000

Note: my lowest Saturday calories since 6/18. HUGE accomplishment for the week! And there are results: I'm seeing definition on my top two abs again, for the first time in ages. Happy little Hoppe.
*Woot, I found a tasty aspartame-free diet drink at Pipeline! SoBe LifeWater Fuji Apple Pear - super delicious, zero-calorie (erythritol) option. I don't believe it's some healthy beverage choice just brimming with vitamins and minerals and cancer cures, but if it avoids acne, it's a better choice of indulgence than diet pop for me.

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