Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Days 18-21

A bit of a brain dump version happening today:

Friday 7/1

8.5 hours in bed. Awake at 4am, took a while to fall back. Slept in a bit, 620a. Breakfast was my last junk indulgence until after Afton. 1 chin-up, right shoulder didn’t like it, stopped. Noon workout with my SpartaBuddy, freshly returned from Ecuador! We did two rounds of light weights. (My shoulder didn’t get angry at all - why is it hating on chin-ups, man?) Eve trip down to the Cities with Heather, weather made it wild, turning around at SJU to go back to Avon when we saw a horrible BLACK sky and decided the tornado warning was not to be messed with! I did well with sticking to unprocessed stuff so that my body would be happy for Saturday. I even had a turkey bacon avocado salad at Subway despite really wanting BREAD! And then, we made it to Breadsmith 15 minutes past close. So disappointed!

Food details: 630a-fried egg, T honey mustard, sl cheese, bagel, .5c sweet potato, c reg, .25s liquid fish oil, MA, zinc, fish oil; 730a-c reg, s kettle corn; 830a-1.5c reg w/ stevia, Met; 9a-s kettle corn; 11a-s kettle corn, fish oil; 1p-stir fry, c strawberries, s kettle corn, fish oil, MA; 330p-2s kettle corn, English muffin w/ Sunbutter, fish oil; 530p-oz cashews; 7p-Subway salad, iced tea; 9p-snap peas, venison burger, fish oil, zinc, MA, BSM, Met

Totals: 2692 cal, 104g fat (21 sat), 309g carbs (44 fiber), 129g protein – maintenance goal of 2630

Saturday 7/2

6.5 hours in bed, slept awful. Woke about every 90 minutes, was hot and not a comfy bed. Drive to Afton was fine, ate as planned then stopped for good coffee on the way. The race itself was brutal! Super hard on the first loop but the second loop went REALLY well because I found the magic of electrolyte tablets! Full report is here. Afterward, I stuffed myself at Perkins (Tremendous Twelve AND a milkshake!) then home for a shower, computer time, no nap, off to the races.

Food: I did not record in detail, but I covered several items on my “must eat” list: pancakes, kettle corn, bread, Honey Nut Cheerios, mint latte, soft pretzel

Estimating 5000 calories, 30% fat, 50% carbs, 20% protein. Maintenance goal of 2525.

Sunday 7/3

7.5 hours in bed, races made it late. Slept fairly solidly. Cleaned w/ Hop, then took a nap. After the nap I was even more tired, so I tried to keep napping, but I couldn’t. Dragging ass. It was a LONG day at the races, 4-11:15pm, and my body was feeling pretty sore from the trail race. Ate my racers taco while strolling barefoot around the parking lot during intermission. Just had to MOVE. And I actually felt really gross in my guts, finally, from all the junk food.

Food: again I did not record in detail, but I enjoyed: A&W bacon cheeseburger & fries, racers taco, ice cream, hush puppies

Estimating 3500 calories. Maintenance goal of 1750.

Monday 7/4

9 hours in bed. Up at 7am, bathroom, water, back to bed. Felt okay when I got up at 9. More cleaning & parade-readying. The parade itself was kind of lame this year, but having everyone over was fun. Afterward, I again crashed, & watched a movie. And I ate ate ate for the last time for a long while.

Food: again I did not record in detail, but I enjoyed: s’mores pops, kettle corn, ice cream, butterfinger bars, hot dog, full-cal Cherry Coke

Estimating 3500 calories. Maintenance goal of 2025.

My week's averages are insane, just like a "vacation week" should look: 3411 cal, 129 fat (29 sat) 34%, 413g carbs (44 fiber) 48%, 153g protein 18% -- Up 17%, 1181 cal avg & 8268 total, from prior week -- 2011 avg so far: 2050 cal, 92g fat (20 sat), 177g carbs (32 fiber), 137g protein -- Burned 5227, up 2379 from last week

Based on calories alone, I should be up 1.83 pounds. I blew that right out of the water!
Weight: +10.4 lbs
BMI: +1.6
Fat %: -3.5
Fat Mass: -3.0
Lean Mass: +13.4
TBW: +9.8

But speaking of water – obviously that’s what most of this is, though for sure I added some fat. No question this 2-week binge was NOT consequence-free.

But the impedance was 433 which has never been that low (average is 561). So the distribution of fat & lean is not to be believed, although I sure would love to believe that I lost 3 lbs of fat this week! Half of me wants to weigh in daily to see how quickly it drops, but I’m not going to worry about it. It does not matter!

Here's the plan for what happens next:
-Nutrition goal for each day: (1750-500) + (half today’s calories burned + half tomorrow’s burned).
-90% of intake follows Whole9 rules (no dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, added sweeteners).
-10% of intake can be pure junk.
-Every 4 weeks, I plan a maintenance-level week.

Acne update: it seemed to improve at the beginning of the week due to increased calories. But went bad again on Saturday, seemingly due to dairy being added back on Thursday. So I return to dairy avoidance. And see if the Metabolic Advantage supplement keeps it in check during calorie deficits; if not, back to the Grain Bin I go!

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