Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 43

GOTD was a reward: have a pop! After craving it like mad on my denied day, Wednesday, this was perfect timing.

6a-2 fried eggs, 2 sl bacon, c reg, Met, D, zinc, adrenal, fish oil
8a-1.5c reg
845a-pure organic bar
11a-Americano w/ SF syrup, 3s apple chips, 12 almonds
1p-5oz honey chipotle salmon, .5c cherries, 3s apple chips, can pop, adrenal, fish oil
330p-3oz beef
630p-salad w/ balsamic, 5oz salmon, bag apple chips, fish oil, adrenal, multi, zinc, Met
9p-6 almonds, Tyrosine, 5HTP, NC

Totals: 2140 cal, 79g fat (17 sat), 270g carbs (45 fiber), 107g protein – goal of 1750 but I was feeling snacky, my sleep has been shitty, and so I went with a maintenance day.

No concerns, even though this weekend I expect to eat at or above maintenance both Fri/Sat (girls' weekend!) and I canceled Friday's run due to a sore, tight body. I have a more forgiving mindset here, and I love it.

Also, you may notice I'm eating a lot of junk that I previously swore off completely. I'm giving up the commitment to Whole9-approved foods for a while and instead adopting Leigh Peele's mindset of eating whatever it takes to keep the brain happy in a deficit. The priority is the deficit. Certainly I'm still stocking my house with good choices, organic Ploughshare vegetables, etc, but there will be no mental beatdowns for eating "unclean" food. The calorie count is the only part that really matters.

When I transition to maintenance (please all ye gods let this be soon), I'll work on being an A+ Whole9 student again.

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