Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 42

26-hour fast. Felt fantastic! It was good to discover an alternative to just all-day Monday. I created a calorie deficit of 2500, so I can go into girls' weekend without guilt or worry. Pure bliss!


GOTD is yesterday’s failed “eat nothing processed” PLUS “do not preplan your calories” - success! But not pre-planning was easy; since I was fasting most of the day I really couldn't blow my calories out of the water.

6a-c reg, fish oil, multi, D, zinc, yeast, Met
630a-c reg w/ cinnamon
730a-1.5c reg
9a-Americano w/ cinnamon [this was at the coffee shop; I really wanted my usual SF brown sugar cinnamon syrup, but sorry, that's processed - and Tammy said, "Hey, you want me to sprinkle in some cinnamon?" Hell YEAH! Good to know in the future, too!]
11a-1.5c decaf
3p-1.5c decaf, med apple, oz almonds, sm orange, fish oil, adrenal
430p-oz almonds
730p-5oz chicken breast,3 pineapple chunks, .5c cherries, fish oil, adrenal, zinc, Met
8p-med apple
1030p-Tyrosine, 5HTP

Totals: 1010 cal, 39g fat (3 sat), 120g carbs (34 fiber), 56g protein – goal of 2000

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