Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 33

Brain dump again; work is bizzzy.


8.5 hours in bed. Slept very well. Woke ½ hour before alarm! Fasting to make up for weekend. Fine physically, and doing well mentally even with knee concerns. No noon workout. ~2pm started getting tried, cranky, impatient; 230p felt REALLY tired. Coffee helped. 430p-just truly didn’t feel good. Ate some snacks & felt better.

Eve yoga was easy, which felt good, but I just couldn’t relax my brain, so it kind of felt like wasted time.

Afterward I had a text from the hubster that my kitty Clyde was locked in my closet all day and I needed to check my clothes – first I was ready to cry (bridesmaid dress, fuck fuck fuck!) then I was raging mad at Hop for sending a text rather than telling me at home when I could DO something about it – then I was ready to cry again. Realized that was a sign that I should eat a meal. Computer, laziness, went to bed early.

6a-c reg, Met, D, zinc, adrenal, 2 DX7
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
12p-1.5c decaf w/ stevia, adrenal
130p-fish oil
230p-1.5c reg w/ stevia
430p-Tanka bar
5p-Kind+almond/apricot bar
7p-salad w/ balsamic, 4oz roast pork, fish oil, Met, zinc, adrenal
830p-.5oz brain food
930p-Tyrosine, 5HTP

Totals: 783 cal, 34g fat (9 sat), 66g carbs (21 fiber), 53g protein – goal of 1550

Weight is up .2 lbs, nothing to worry about. I see small visible changes, and feel like my brain is in charge again.

BUT: October 1 bridesmaid dress is so god damned tight that I literally can’t take a deep breath. Must make real progress over the next 10 weeks!

This week I’m cutting back on my workouts. More rest, few calories, see if that eases up acne, binge, sleep issues.

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