Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 28

One step forward!


8 hours in bed. Slept terribly, was hot; woke h/s/g at 4am, bathroom, water, turned on A/C, basically wide awake so took awhile to fall back. Tired. Fasting anyway. Was hungry on way to work only, then COLD all damn morning. Noon workout helped me warm up finally. Tired in afternoon, but I actually felt BETTER, more awake & alert, after yoga.

Iced foot while getting ready in the morning. No running, so I took a noon utility ride: 8.34 miles. Felt easy. Foot felt a little better afterward, for some reason, nothing where I’d run on it, but less pain. I’d say calf is at about 95%. 2 hours post-ride, toe was back to where it was. Weirdness. Eve yoga felt good, toe seemed better again.

After yoga, picked up the hubster & we went to Heather’s to fix her mower cord, then took a motorcycle ride to view the awful Sauk damage. Seeing all the trees down in the park made me want to cry. So many years of growth, so many great big beautiful trees, all reduced to compost/firewood. So sad! And I also felt guilty for being an obnoxious rubbernecker while so many people were working their asses off to clean up their yards. I wanted to stop and help even complete strangers.

Back at home, I finally made my salads for the week. It was a HUGE challenge not to eat any peas, but I did it! This week's salads are pretty much straight greens: mixed lettuce, radicchio, kale, peas. I'll add a hard-boiled egg & balsamic to total just 151 cal, then for protein I will add canned meat (getting old, need to eat it up).

Food details: 6a-fish oil, D, zinc, MA, adrenal, c reg, Met; 7a-c reg; 730a-Americano w/ SF vanilla; 11a-1.5c reg; 1130a-c decaf w/ 2T creamer; 2p-fish oil, MA, adrenal; 5p-4 BCAAs; 7p-fish oil, zinc, MA, BSM, adrenal, Met; 10p-NC, Tyrosine, 5HTP

Totals: 128 cal, 2g fat (0 fat), 21g carbs (6 fiber), 2g protein – goal of 1875

So, after my giant 10.4-lb water-weight gain last week, I weighed in this morning down 9.6 lbs. Yep, I'd say that's more accurate.

Here's where my averages landed:
-2045 cal, 80 fat (15 sat) 35%, 223g carbs (37 fiber) 44%, 119g protein 13% (still too heavy on carbs, but hey, baby steps)
-4068 junk cal, 28% (oops, this was supposed to be 10%)
-Down 40%, 1366 cal avg & 9564 total, from prior week (not that it took much effort to drop from bingefest week!)
-2011 avg so far: 2052 cal, 92g fat (20 sat), 179g carbs (32 fiber), 137g protein
-Burned 3807, down 1420 from last week (but still damn high)


I had a total mental breakdown over it while getting ready for bed, but I actually came up with a plan to address it. First, I am going to spend two full weeks on the supplements & continue my 500-cal/day deficit, which means July 8-21. Then, if it doesn't improve, some options:

1) Reduce deficit to 250-cal/day for two weeks, rather than 500. If that doesn't work, then
2) Change daily intake to maintenance and fast one day per week to create a deficit on one day only. Try it for two weeks; if that doesn't work, then
3) Call and get antibiotic prescription again. It’s temporary. It’s worth taking if it eases one stress on the brain.

And I need to view this all as an experiment, a challenge, and try to get out of the "I'm ugly, I hate my fucking face, it's not fair, etc" mindset.

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