Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 23


8 hours in bed. Slept well until 5am. Up at 6. A little tired but felt good once I got moving.

Resisted the strong urge to weigh in and see how much weight I dropped in one day - mostly because if it was lower than I expected, I might take it hard.

Session was good, then right afterward I did hill repeats w/ Tess & Timmy. Took it slow & easy. Ate almonds & a Fruition bar between those two workouts, and that sat fine while running, yay for a good lesson learned! Drank lots of water throughout afternoon to hopefully ensure feeling good at the track for speedwork; it was tough, though, and slower than usual. I guess 3 workouts in one day is not ideal for performance! Immediately after running I had a snack, since I also had to make a grocery store visit before heading home.

At home, I did fine eating a healthy supper, but then I made s’mores pops which were extremely tempting. I ended up eating the leftover chocolate drippings with my apple, justified by having read that cocoa helps balance serotonin & dopamine (thanks, Metabolic Effect!). I could definitely feel that I wanted to eat eat eat, so I figured that little bit of chocolate was perfectly fine compared to following the binge urge.

Tip: I decided I should do my best to avoid evening cooking in general, instead sticking to Sundays whenever I can. This would reduce time in the kitchen and less time around food should help reduce the bingey and snacky urges.

Food details: 6a-fried egg, 1.5 sl bacon, 2 sl gluten-free bread, c reg, zinc, D, MA, fish oil; 7a-c reg; 9a-hb egg, 1.5c reg; 10a-bagel w/ T PB2, .25c applesauce; 12p (PWO)-Fruition bar, oz almonds; 1p (PWO)-stir fry, hb egg, fish oil, MA; 215p-6 almonds; 4p-sm apple, oz almonds; 630p (PWO)-Fruition bar, oz almonds; 730p-stir fry, fish oil, MA, BSM, zinc; 9p-sm apple, .25s melted chocolate, NC, Met
Totals: 2182 cal, 92g fat (14 sat), 254g carbs (44 fiber), 106g protein – goal of 2203

Acne: man, I already stopped counting. What did that last, 3 days? Anyway, last night I tried something new & weird: a Milk of Magnesia mask. (Idea courtesy of my SpartaBuddy, Joy.) I washed my face, then applied a mask, then left it to dry while I went about tooth-brushing & such. Last thing before bed, I then used toner to clean it off, and applied my moisturizer. At the very least, I think it should help tone down the oiliness. I'll keep you posted on whether it seems to make a difference!

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