Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 22

I almost feel like I should restart the count, but I will not. I just had a vacation in the middle of my bodyfat beatdown, that's all!


9.5 hours in bed. Woke at 1am, h/s/g, bathroom, water, and could not fall back asleep for a full hour. Alarm at 5am, was planning to come in for workout; reset for 6, then snoozed until 7. I was dead tired and smart enough to listen to my body despite really wanting to pummel it with exercise. I also really wanted to fast, but forced myself to return to my NORMAL diet plan. No need to “make up” for the last week. I was COLD in the afternoon, felt just like I was fasting! Interesting. Tons of water drank; I hit 128oz by supper time. (I really wanted to weigh in this morning and see how much water I dropped in 24 hours, but I resisted, just in case it wasn't a big change.)
My legs did not feel up to the schedule 5.5 miles @ MP at noon, so I met my SpartaBuddy Joy for a workout. Medium weights, and it kicked my ass. Followed it with 11 min walking on the TM to try loosening up the lower legs. After work I rode my bike on errands around Alex, hitting 8.18 miles total. Felt easy peasy!

I felt great. In the eve I made a big ol' stir fry, snacking on the almonds, then the apple & PB2, while I did so. That had my brain feeling very satiated!

Food details: 730a-Fruition bar, c reg; 8a-1.5c reg, fish oil, MA, zinc, D; 9a-sm apple, oz almonds; 11a-oz almonds, 1.5c reg w/ stevia; 1p-stir fry, English muffin, fish oil, MA; 4p-med apple, Sunbutter; 7p-2c strawberries; 8p-stir fry, salad (bok choi & tomato & balsamic), oz almonds, fish oil, MA, BSM, zinc; 9p-sm apple, PB2, NC, Met
Totals: 1735 cal, 77g fat (6 sat), 201g carbs (48 fiber), 82g protein – goal of 2128

That's too low on calories, but I didn't have enough food with me throughout the day, and I felt good. But that can't continue! I also am overdoing carbs (today as well), so I need to get some protein snacks lined up, pronto. Egg bake, pumpkin protein pancakes, and protein shakes, coming right up!!

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