Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 17

Thursday went off the rails at suppertime as well. Eh, whatever. I'll be back to restriction next week, and my SpartaBuddy being back means more opportunities to burn, baby, burn!

7 hours in bed, up at 5a, but was awake on/off after 4a. Woke hot/sweaty at midnight but didn’t get up. A little tired but I was feeling pretty good. Go carbs!

However, my session w/ Mike felt tougher than it properly should have. High humidity plus carb-based water retention is my excuse. I really don’t think my body likes grains as much as my brain does!! Oh, and also? I NEED MORE SLEEP. Amy’s class in the eve felt pretty easy, though she struggled a bit.

Because this was my last day of dairy & processed junk until after Afton, I apparently thought I needed to eat everything in sight. Single servings? Those are for children. Half a can of Pringles! An entire package of Goldfish! Sigh.

On the bright side, and I apologize for the TMI here, the super-delicious ice cream seems to have cleaned out my system very well, even to the point where some of the carb-based water retention has gone down, and my upper abs have returned to view. Hooray!

Food: 6a-2 fried eggs w/ honey mustard on bagel, fish oil, c reg; 645a-c reg w/ 1/3c rice milk, Met; 10a-Fruition bar; 1145a (PWO)-peanut butter cookie; 1230p-stir fry, orange; 2p-m&m cookie, 2 Sun Chips; 230p-Heath Dilly Bar; 3p-sm apple, .5 pb cookie; 6p (PWO)-sm apple, handful Doritos; 630p-half can Pringles salt & vinegar chips; 730p-venison cheeseburger on toast w/ ketchup & honey mustard, entire package Goldfish s’mores, c ice cream, MA, BSM, Met; 9p-s Honey Nut Cheerios
Totals: 3920 cal, 154g fat (58 sat), 533g carbs (39 fiber), 114g protein – maintenance goal of 2293

Here comes the weekend! Friday I'm striving to eat healthy foods & avoid junk my body is not used to consuming; Saturday is the Afton trail race, and after that I return to junk through Monday. Hopefully I can keep the quantities more reasonable, but if not, well, I'm going to enjoy the fuck out of it.

My SpartaBuddy Joy mentioned pancakes today. Or actually I did, in the form of Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, but then Joy mentioned normal pancakes. My dad has the best recipe ever for homemade pancakes! And now I've got to find a way to make them this weekend. Also on the really-want-to-eat list: pizza, something anything everything from Breadsmith, French fries, latte, soft pretzel, pulled pork and/or Cuban sandwich, Subway's Turkey & Bacon Avocado sub ... this list is too long to fit into three days, as you can see.

I've decided that on Tuesday I shall make my return to calorie restriction using a hybrid form of the Dustin Diet (which worked so well last summer) & Whole9. I will strive to eat according to Whole9's principles (no grains, no dairy, no alcohol, no legumes, no added sugar) 90% of the time, and 10% of my calories can be pure junk. That's actually a fair amount of junk I can eat each week, generally around 13-1400 calories. (Heck, that's an entire loaf of bread!) Roughly 200 calories a day. That gives me plenty of treats to sprinkle throughout the week! I could even go back to eating two slices of 45-cal toast with my morning eggs and still have spare junk calories. Oh, wouldn't I be a happy little camper!

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