Take a look at this diagram to learn a little bit more about soy and how it lands in almost every processed food out there:

Click here for a large view
It's mind-boggling to think that the same bits have such varied use. Soybean protein concentrate & isolate, for example, shows baby food, bakery products, beer, candy, cereals, frozen pizza, hot dogs, lunch meat, & noodles ... and also ... adhesives, inks, paints, plasters, polyesters, & pesticides. YUMMY!

Or refined soybean oil: mayonnaise, detergent, coffee creamer, medicinals, epoxy caulking compounds ... What. The. Fuck.

As one of the top 8 allergens, shouldn't it NOT be in everyfuckingthing? Eh, what do I know. Even if you're not specifically allergic, do your best to avoid soy. It's everywhere, so it's not easy - but it can be done. The best option: eat whole foods only, and you're covered! If you're not that hardcore, you can at least start scanning labels at the grocery store. As one of the top allergens, it's prominently listed and you don't have to search the ingredient list.

(Thanks to Whole9 for sharing the link.)

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