New Strategies

Monday 6/13 – 8 hours in bed, slept okay. Woke at 4 but fell back; woke naturally at 550. Pull-ups 9+1, weren’t easy. Feeling tired. Canceled noon run, no one eager to join me and I wanted recovery. Errands instead. Eve yoga (easier than last week but still good), then laziness at home. Paid bills, felt broke. Little snacky, but I chose well. 9 & 10 were ugly, but holy shit I did TEN nonstop PULL-UPS! (On 6/13/10, I did the first pull-up of my entire life, so this is a pretty amazing accomplishment for me!)
Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, brat, c reg, FiberSmart, vit D; 7a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg; 12p-1.5c reg w/ .5oz syrup; 1p-salad, 3oz shrimp, zinc, Metabolic Advantage, 1.5c decaf w/ stevia ; 330p-3oz shrimp, T salsa, .5c grapes; 5p-apple; 630p-Sunbutter; 8p-3oz scallops, zinc, Met, vit D, magnesium, FiberSmart, fish oil
Totals: 1350 cal, 61g fat (13 sat), 105g carbs (24 fiber), 100g protein

So here's how the week broke down:
-Averaged 1952 cal, 88g fat (20 sat) 41%, 177g carbs (36 fiber) 36%, 124g protein 25%
-This is down 6%, 120 cal avg & 841 total, from the prior week.
-I burned a whopping 4474, up 1381 (!) from the prior week.

This should've created a 3039-calorie deficit and meant (in theory) .87 lbs lost. It didn't. Instead, I was down 0.4 lbs, and all numbers were exactly the same as two weeks ago. GAH. But whatever, today I say: fuck the scale! I feel good about how I did for the week (other than feeling like ass so often), I hit my uber-fantastic pull-ups goal, and I think I've figured out how NOT to feel like ass going forward.

The plan for determining how much to eat:
(BMR – 500)
+ (half of today’s calories burned)
+ (half of tomorrow’s calories burned)
= daily intake

BMR-500 creates a weekly deficit of 3500 calories, and adding in calories burned should fuel my performance and keep me feeling good. (The reason I’m doing half of today + half of tomorrow is mainly for weekend running; an 8am long run will be mostly fueled by the previous day's intake.)

This plan provides generous enough calorie intake levels, but there are still some challenges:
-I have to stick to the required level during the week, meaning I need to eat up to it even if I feel like I could get by on less; not doing this is practically a guarantee that I will end up feeling like shit, massively fatigued, & helpless to stop the bingeing later on in the week.
-I have to stick to the required level during the weekend; this is my biggest damned downfall, just like everyone else. The strategy here is to remember to treat myself to indulgences every single day. Given my allergies, my indulgences are more mental than they are unhealthy: apple chips, apple w/ Sunbutter, purchased (black) coffee, free coffee w/ vanilla stevia drops, sweet potatoes, paleo pancakes, grapes, etc.
-Macros are still important, as is carb timing: I need to be sure I get proper carbs post-lifting and pre-long-run days. Otherwise, protein & greens all the way, baby. Luckily, my CSA started last week & I'm over-run with delicious organic greens!

So anyway, want some numbers? Here’s what the week looks like:
T=1775 (Dustin)
W=1875 (noon run, eve speedwork)
R=1825 (Dustin, Amy)
F=1630 (4.5 MP miles)
St=1905 (Osakis 5k race)
Sn=2000 (10 trail miles)
Mn=1750 (noon run, yoga)

See? All days are very reasonable levels, and totally doable. I just need to keep my head in the game!

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